Jack of All Trades, but…

I am doing some much needed restructuring in my life. It turns out, being able to do a variety of different kinds of arts can be counter-productive to overall goals. Teaching, painting, trying to do music, and trying to write was making me, as the figure of speech goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none…” and extremely time-consuming.  Though I have cherished all that I have produced and created since teaching additional classes in fine arts, I am closing that door in order to re-focus on my first loves of composing and helping my husband with our books.

This change was spurred on by tax season. However funny as that sounds, when I recently pulled up the royalty list (the times my music has been played on stations from Spotify to Rumblefish), I was shocked by the amount for 2015. This sent my imagination into overdrive. For example, if I keep putting out songs (especially those that are finished which currently reside on my hard drive) more people could hear what I have composed, sung, and played.

In short, reviewing my royalty list had be seek out a book on how to better focus and narrow my attention. I hope to be sharing what I’m up to soon. But for now, finishing up a lecture/workshop PowerPoint that I’m presenting tomorrow.