About Suzanna Reeves (Music)

An internal soundtrack is music, sounds, or lyrics that accompany a person in the mind. I’ve had one all my life. My internal soundtrack is usually original songs, tones, rhythms, or lyrics that highlight events, thoughts, or emotions.  Because of an overly creative mind, I tend to compose ambient, atmosphere, or film-like background music that accompanies or depicts other worlds, stories, or feelings. (Listen here or on the Youtube Playlist.)

I’m a quirky, artsy soul who often travels “off the beaten path” and “colors outside the lines.” I am also an artist and a writer.  Though I am those things, it was our family piano where I would go to find solace from the crazy “real” world. I’d close my eyes and listen to the notes while I played and composed and let the pain of life and growing up fade away. When digital recording came along, finally, there was a way I could take my musical ideas and layer them with my voice, piano, and any other instrument or synthesizers. I fully believe that as artists, we should share our creations with the world. I am so grateful to live in a time when modern technology allows us all the access to express creativity.

I don’t try to limit my music to a particular genre or style, but compose what comes to mind. In some projects, the results are spirit-infused with layers of my voice and piano, some bordering on classical.  Many listeners have said that my ambient compositions are perfect for film, meditation, presentation, listening, and other artistic projects. In that same vein, I imagine a time when I can compose music for audio novels and art galleries.

Thank you for listening, seeing, and reading what I have to offer.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Jason Timothy (Ward) who mastered my first album. He was instrumental in helping to get out Lake of Sky in the early days of digital and electronic recording. Through him, I learned how to use the equipment and my voice better. The results can be heard in Cielie and more.