Red, Scale of Elements, Book 1 (2nd Edition)

About the Book

This is the Second Edition of Book 1, rewritten to flow with the other five books in the series.

Series: Scale of Elements, Book 1
Genres: Contemporary Fantasy, Dragons, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, Superhero, Supernatural
Tags: Dragon, Red, Scale of Elements
Publisher: Rigoli & Reeves
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 1098998863
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 3.99
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Red, Scale of Elements, Book 1 (2nd Edition)

Magic and elemental power have returned, and something ancient and angry has awakened in a small town.

Magic and elemental power have returned, and something ancient and angry has awakened in a small town.

Art student Emma Vanora isn’t the most popular girl in school. She has talent, a small circle of friends, and a secret crush on the star football player. But everything changes when her waking dreams reveal the mysterious, clandestine world lurking just out of sight. She draws images of things she’s never seen and detects inscrutable, hidden messages in the red birds that keep appearing all around her. A homecoming football game sends mystic shock waves through the town, and soon Emma’s school is ablaze with rivalries and simmering tensions.  Together with her geeky friend Rai—who swears he has supernatural powers—Emma must dig through the ashes of the past to uncover the secrets hidden by people she thought she could trust. Now, if only she can figure out what the red birds are trying to tell her in time to save her town--and a friend--from destruction.

Red is the first novel in the Scale of Elements series, a character driven epic story of struggle and conflict in a changing world. Fans of emerging adult fiction will be spellbound by the thoughtful and often humorous ways in which Emma and her friends deal with an elemental conflagration. Start reading today to discover the secrets of this modern supernatural saga!

Often humorous and character-driven, "Red" delivers through to a fiery epic-level climax with an unexpected and poignant conclusion. The emerging adult characters thoughtfully manage the impact of mayhem and supernatural power in their changing world and struggle to maintain their ideals and friendships under the watchful eye of a hidden society of magic.

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