Fire Dragons

Dragons ended up wielding the power of the four elements.

The classic four elements are water, earth, fire, and air (with a fifth being added later called aether, the spirit or void) were the properties of all matter when broken into simpler materials. Many ancient peoples from Greece and Japan to Egypt and Tibet held similar beliefs and common knowledge about these elements.

©2021 Fiery dragon with the quote from tolkein my armo is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords

Since that time, science has given us more information, and the four elements relegated to magic and whimsy.  But that never stopped writers from using the most powerful element of fire being wielded by a dragon. In fact, the first monstrous fire dragon appeared in the epic story of Beowulf. Since that time, such firebreathers showed up in The Lord of the Rings (Smaug), King Arthur legends, stories of Saint George, in the opera The Ring of the Nibelungen, in Harry Potter, in countless tabletop and video games, and more.

People have a fascination with these magical and monstrous #dragons of fire. And as authors, we keep their myths alive by drafting more stories and adding to the legends.

We write about dragons. Any other writers out there writing about dragons? 🐉