Our WIP – Books in Progress

OUR WIP – Books in Progress

We’re thrilled to share the WIP that we’ve (Rigoli & Reeves) have been working on: Scale of Elements, starting with Book 1: Fury of Red, Book 2: Shards of Amber, Book 3: Fade to Black, and Book 4: Tower of Grey, plus two others to complete it. Book 3 and 4 are Reeves’ current WIPs (just slight revisions and edits) while Rigoli is writing 5. The series started out as just three NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) projects that turned into a 6-book series (8 if the art-books are counted). (Unfortunately, we released the first two too early before we knew what we were doing. To my writing friends: don’t do that.)
rigoliandreeves.com an image of Rai facing away in his super hero hoodie created by S Reeves in AI
Scale of Elements is a young adult (and older) contemporary fantasy about a group of teens/emerging adults who discover a mystery of fantastical proportions in their small town. The central group of friends are challenged by the emergence of magic returning to the land and how it affects all of them, including their friendships and families along with other people they love. Throughout the series the main characters follow clues that lead them to what has been causing upheaval all over their town and county, who is involved in the secret societies, and how magic ties into the land. Did I mention elemental dragons? I’m pretty amazed how we were able to weave all this into a powerful, poignant, and often humorous character-led series.
As an artist, Reeves plays around with many images and artwork, this image is just one that depicts one of the characters. We look forward to revealing more artwork and covers soon.
What is your WIP? Did you write a book for NaNoWriMo?