Were Dragons Real?

Were dragons Real? We don’t know if their presence in lore is due to dinosaur bones or something more magical or sinister. What we do know is that there are countless stories, art, and songs throughout history about such creatures #dragons #writingfiction

[ Paranormal Mysteries ]

Paranormal Urban Mystery Fantasy A mystery is a puzzle box with many sides to explore and can only be opened one side or piece at a time. By adding elements that lay just outside the possibility of scientific understanding, paranormal enhances the mystery with magical flair while urban means set in the current world …

Magical Natural Places

The photo is of “Jacob’s Well” in Wimberley, Texas. If you have read Richard’s and my book, “Red: Scale of Elements Book 1,” this mysterious place is among the many actual locations we describe in the the novel. Photo from www.jacobswellspring.org

Unusual Guardians

“The thrum of the bass and drums of party music could easily be heard before the party-goers reached the first tier parking. Two large, Welsh dragons carved in stone flanked the thirty or so stairs up to the entry. These sculptures were so immense and incredibly detailed that Emma imagined them …