[ Paranormal Mysteries ]

Paranormal Urban Mystery Fantasy

A mystery is a puzzle box with many sides to explore and can only be opened one side or piece at a time. By adding elements that lay just outside the possibility of scientific understanding, paranormal enhances the mystery with magical flair while urban means set in the current world in a city or town. Fantasy allows us to add what we love about magic and wonder.

That is why we picked the genre, “Paranormal Urban Mystery Fantasy.” A mouthful to be sure, but it defines the elements we absolutely love about stories and hope you do, too.

As Rigoli & Reeves we are excited about the mix of characters being thrown into something they can’t quite figure out, and at the same time, gain or possess special abilities that will help them overcome treacherous obstacles.

We are working on something new—A Scale of Elements story, Unmovable.  It is a short novella with events that take place between Red and Black.  Subscribers will be getting the novella for free. 🙂

-R & R