Red, Scale of Elements, Book 1 (Second Edition)

Magic and elemental power have returned, and something ancient and angry has awakened in a small town.

Art student Emma Vanora may not be the most popular girl at Cypress, but, things are about to change when she starts having waking dreams.

A thrilling incident takes place early in the semester at a football game, and everything Emma thought she knew about her friends is altered forever. Together with her geeky friend, Rai–who swears he has powers—Emma tries to unravel leads and connections to escalating events in the middle of a baffling supernatural mystery.

Now, if only she can figure out what the red birds are trying to tell her in time to save her town–and a friend–from destruction.


Often humorous and character-driven, “Red” delivers through to a fiery epic-level climax with an unexpected and poignant conclusion. The emerging adult characters thoughtfully manage the impact of mayhem and supernatural power in their changing world and struggle to maintain their ideals and friendships under the watchful eye of a hidden society of magic.

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