Unmovable, Scale of Elements, Book 2

Magic and elemental power have returned, striking a small Texas town like a force of nature.

Amber Walker has always been a country girl, never happier than with the feel of fresh earth between her toes and the smell of a passing rain shower across the prairie. But the loss of her family’s farmland threatens to take all that away. Her friend Rai insists she possesses immense supernatural powers, though he has a habit of letting his imagination run wild. Amber has always been down to earth.

Still, certain people have a strange glow about them. At times, she seems to display an incredible strength that can’t be explained by mere adrenaline. And toxic oil spills don’t simply disappear overnight. Whether she likes it or not, some enigmatic power has Amber in its grip. With Rai’s help, she must unravel the secret of her untapped elemental potential, before a terrifying and mysterious entity can drag them, along with their entire town, to a watery grave.

Unmovable is the second book in the Scale of Elements young adult contemporary fantasy series. Suzanna Reeves and Richard Rigoli forge a magical world from everyday life, full of deep, appealing characters, evocative mysteries, and legendary threats. Pick up Unmovable today to join in the adventure!