Our WIP – Books in Progress

OUR WIP – Books in Progress I am thrilled to share the WIP that we’ve (we write as Rigoli & Reeves) have been working on: Scale of Elements, starting with Book 1: Fury of Red, Book 2: Shards of Amber, Book 3: Fade to Black, and Book 4: Tower of …


Your creative work is your diary. The image is of one of my paintings. It is one of the first where I didn’t have a plan or look at an idea. I started with a blank canvas and let the creative flow determine color and what it would be. A …


Inspired by Art

Ever get inspired by art? As writers, Rigoli and I were inspired by artist Anna & the Willow (UK), who makes natural …

4 elements surrounding journal page

Ideas Come Before Goals

Sometimes going back through journals shows you your goals, ones achieved and those still needing to be realized…


Life Gets in the Way… Write!

You’ve set your goals to finish your books and embark on your publishing business and future. You’re excited and ready to finish your best work, getting those words out and heading toward the finish line. Then, life happens… [ read more ]


Need Creative Writing Ideas?

Where do you get book/writing ideas? Ideas for writing can come from anywhere: a book, a tv series, a walk, a painting …


Fantasy Fiction Friday!

Fantasy- Fiction Friday! Images spark imagination! . “First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!” – Ray Bradbury . …