Your Creative Work is Your Diary

Creative Work is Like Your Diary

The image is of one of my paintings. It is one of the first where I didn’t have a plan or look at an idea. I started with a blank canvas and let the creative flow determine color and what it would be. A surprising experience. painting of florals
Though #writing is different, it is also the same. Generally, we start with a plan, an outline. But as writers, my co-author and I, sometimes let the characters and story show us what they want to be. It is a beautiful thing to follow the creative flow and see where it leads. It is also a surprising experience. In our case, we ended up with a 6-book series, two supplemental books, and another series based on the same world. Wow!

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Pablo Picasso


Whether it is writing, music, or painting you can look back and see what you made: a collection of your work. But to do that, you have to finish what you started. The new year maybe approaching, but NOW is the time to continue in those creative aspirations. Why wait?