Writing in the Creative Flow

✍️ Writing in the creative flow! I’ve got the drinking coffee and creating stuff down. ☕ Sleep? Not so much. 😴


When writing or creating, sometimes I get on a roll with the work so much that it’s hard to stop, take a break, or even rest.  I want to stay in that energy of the creative flow. I’m a little afraid of losing the artistic momentum generated, or that if I stop for anything, I may not have the energy to pick it back up again or even finish it.

Famous artist Henri Matisse is quoted as saying that “Creativity takes courage.”  As creatives, as writers, we want to finish the story, the edits, and the books while we have the momentum going. But that’s not feasible to life or health. It takes courage to organize and plan so that creation is a daily activity. In a sense, by tapping into the creative energy daily, we develop it like a muscle. Then we have the power to finish the book, painting, song, or whatever the work happens to be.

I am in the process of redirecting my life. I started daily activities to write, do social media, and anything else that goes with living a creative life. My pencils and notes are laid out on my desk, as are my paint brushes, and the computer is ready for story action!  And the muse? It shows up! It knows that I am open and willing to work.

What about your creative momentum? How do you rest and pick it back up again?