Work Your Craft until It is Art

“Work your craft; until it becomes an artform.”

Johnnie Dent Jr.


It’s taken time to figure out how to relearn and use them.

Sure, all my life there was writing for school, degrees, research, lesson plans, and even collective story forums. But the art of communicating in real and valued ways with words was a struggle, having been a visual and aural artist since childhood.

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Words were just an afterthought, mainly used for the scores of lyrics and poetry. Though books were read, I didn’t grasp the author’s nuances of putting words together to create incredible mental tapestries, images, sounds, or entire worlds.  It’s not as if there was no capacity or understanding of language, it’s just that I had to learn, and relearn, how to merge what was known from the other arts, study author style distinctions and rhetoric, and then transmogrify all of that into the new artform of writing stories.