About Suzanna Imagines

I’m a professional dreamer and creative soul, working hard to figure out this professional writing gig with books, novels, art and other work.  This site is about a journey from being a non-writer to a writer and all the things that I’ve learned–mistakes and wins.

This incredible excursion has been about finding my writer voice and self-expression through writing. I’d like to say that I didn’t start out as a writer, but as I think about it, that’s not true. English teachers would say that I loved the “free writing” days where our class could write about whatever.  I’d create bizarre and exciting stories set in vivid worlds. Eh, some kids wanted to be cops and doctors when they grew up; I wanted to be a mermaid. 😉

The technical part of writing and I have a complicated relationship. Though I had tons of story ideas to share, I wasn’t able to get them out in a way that made sense to anyone else. My writings were often very poetic which naturally flowed in the form of musical lyrics. That progression lead to composing and songwriting.  When I grew up, I went to school and earned several degrees and have been a professional musician, recording artist, and songwriter.

For the most part, my compositions were based on ideas, daydreams, and imaginary places.  Such imaginings is the likely reason my music is used for soundtracks, film, and games.  Also, since I possess the ability to not only make but also complete things, I have crafted, performed, and taught lots of creative things throughout my life.

Eventually, I married someone who had an extraordinary gift for creating scenarios, dialogue, and characters. Through him, I am reminded of the little “mermaid” girl who had lots of dreamy worlds and stories. To make a long story short, I delved in, fought with it, and learned how to write. I started out by adapting and illustrating a children’s book, The Boy Who Didn’t Eat Vegetables, written by my daughter, and then became half of the writing team of Rigoli & Reeves.

I have been a musician and artist, and now, I am a writer. I’m working on several non-fiction books about how I traveled from being a non-writer to a writer. It is my hope that the story of my journey will inspire other creative people to find their voice.