Advice for Nonfiction Writing

NonFiction Books and Blogs

Whether it is a blog post, article, cover letter, or a non-fiction book the persuasive essay is the basic formula for nonfiction communication.

In writing a reference or teaching book or article, it is important to prepare the book with a detailed outline so that information flows and makes logical sense. Additionally, since these books deal with the reader’s critical thinking, it is vital that the concepts use a scaffold that allows for cross-referencing and supportive evidence to aid in understanding.  Many authors recommend writing each main section (or chapter) as a separate essay, using headings for the smaller supportive pieces within, and tying it all together at the end.

Author J. Daniel Sawyer states, “The book should be as long as it needs to be no more and no less. Don’t pad it, don’t skimp on it, and look for efficiency and efficacy in communication” (The Every Day Novelist, Episode 247, March, 2017).



I hope the outline helps.



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