[ Art ] From Sketch to Paint

When I was young, there was no internet, so I had to try to draw all my ideas. I had concepts for slide shows full of images that would depict scenes that my music would accompany. I am profoundly grateful to have been able to make that idea come true when I was doing concerts for Lake of Sky and Cielie. I suppose I like the whole idea of multi-creative disciplines—or multimedia.

I was fortunate to have grown up watching an amazing artist first-hand, my grandmother, Grace Reeve-Bilger. Her life and struggle to make art (any type of art) a career inspired me. When it comes to visual arts, I am mostly a hobbyist as I find painting emotionally and spiritually cathartic.

Before I started painting, I sketched, trying desperately to capture creative thoughts and ideas onto paper. I eventually took art in school and was skilled enough to be able to use any writing utensil to draw. Pencil sketches evolved into using a ballpoint pen as seen in the images.