Can You Be a Writer and Musician (and an Artist)?

You do not have to let go of who you were to be a successful writer. 📚


I thought I needed to refocus all my creative energy toward writing to be successful, so I gave away my beloved synthesizer along with a recording microphone and sound extras that I had used to create music for years. At the time, it was good to lighten the load and clear away the old, turning my face towards something else, some other art like writing. But there was never any closure, no honoring of the life and hope I had built around my singing and musical skills. No ceremonious passage of what was. I didn’t even leave a quality way to play music a loud in my home office.

🎧This new year, I bought a pair of Sennheiser headphones, the same brand that I had used so long ago to compose and record my songs. As I listened to Schoening’s cello music stored on my computer that I hadn’t listened to in a long while, I cried my eyes out. Sound washed over me in waves, it’s hues and tones so exquisite they defy words.

Next, I took out my piano, giving it an honorable space, and moved the old sewing machine elsewhere. Music is and always will be a part of my soul. I am a musician. I am writer. I am a creative. I am. #musicianswhowrite 🎶