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Suzanna’s Art


Writing in the Creative Flow

Sometimes I get on a roll with the characters, stories, and writing so much that it’s hard to stop. I want to stay in the flow. Is it because of fear?

My Cover Art

When Rigoli and I started writing together, I’d create cover art. It helped to make the writing—our books—feel real…

Using Art in Journals

Writing journals here and there since high school, many of them are filled with songs, lyrics, drawings, pasted collages, ponderings, and more. …

Let Imagination Live

Our imaginations and the ability to create is a part of us. Taking an idea, thought, or story from the mind and putting it into media that others can see, feel, or hear is an act of creation. Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, said… [ Read More ]

The Creative’s Journey

Having a creative block in writing, art, or music business? A recent podcast with Steven Pressfield sheds some light on how not to forget the art part of what we do.

From Paint Class to My Style

The Evolution of a Painting I went to a painting class with my daughter. The project was to be a rainbow reflection …