Fantasy Story is Important to Us


Fantasy is a part of human history. Fantastic tales are the first genres of stories ever written down or shown in paintings. Humans across the world have told and sung events full of wonder and tales of larger-than-life people as heroes, villains, and even gods. Fantasy is rooted in our collective since humans existed. Fantasy … Read more

Need Creative Writing Ideas?


Where do you get book/writing ideas? Ideas for writing can come from anywhere: a book, a tv series, a walk, a painting class, or getting involved in a creative group. The number one place I find ideas for writing happens while I’m consistently writing. With regular writing, the story stays in my mind, replaying in … Read more

Let’s get real about Your Writing Space

Let’s get real about your Writing/Work Space. Your surroundings influence your productivity. Distractions lead to delays. If there is too much going on around the workspace, it becomes an interruption from creating or working. Clutter makes me feel like I need to “put everything away first before I can do X, Y, or Z.” After … Read more

Fantasy Fiction Friday!

Fantasy- Fiction Friday! Images spark imagination! . “First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!” – Ray Bradbury . In a shaded forest, a giant tree looms towards Sol, the only light dappling through leaves and branches. So far, everything the hero has gone through leads to a finely crafted door in … Read more

Editors for Writers


🖊️ As Rigoli & Reeves, we recently hired a professional editor for our book series. We reached a point where we wanted someone who wouldn’t hold any punches in helping us get our books to the level we’ve envisioned. The right editor is worth every cent. 📚 Editing services are an investment you make towards … Read more