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What Did You Learn to become a Professional Writer?

Authoring novels and books is definitely an expedition with pitfalls, lessons, and wins all along the way. Here are a few valuable things things that I learned when becoming a professional writer. I hope some of them will help you in your work.

Editing Tips: Have it Read Aloud

Editing Tip: Have Your “Edited” Draft Read Aloud to You. Finding the errors in your novel is the reason having other members of a writing group read your manuscript aloud works!

Why We Need Story

Stories are like individual threads weaving a tapestry together that forms an overall picture of our existence. Why do we need this shared and often synergistic experience of being taken on an adventure of the mind?

Perfect Circle

Day 7 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Day 7 – Day Seven of the Seven-Day Black and White Photos of My Life – It was a beautiful experience finding such beauty and seeing the images from others in the journey. Alas, it has ended.


Day 6 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Not many, but some people sew still. I never graduated up to using a sewing machine, but when I do get an idea, I will sew the entire thing by hand –usually costumes. #sewing #handmade #art #oneofakind

Handmade Fall Wreath

Day 4 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Black and white photographs are striking and revealing. It is easier to see structures, contours, textures, positions, and shadows undeterred by color. #writing #writingnonfiction #sevendayssevenphotos

Painting by Suzanna Reeves

Day 3 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Painting is an art form that I came to later in life. It has an ease and serenity to that is soul filling. My 7-Day Black and White photo is one section of the array of brushes I’ve acquired. #art #artist #bard #visualart