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My Cover Art

When Rigoli and I started writing together, I’d create cover art. It helped to make the writing—our books—feel real…

Leaving Better Legacies

In my family, we tend to leave positive, creative legacies. The idea of leaving legacies had me thinking about the recent tragedies. I wondered what legacy was passed on to the kids who committed such heinous crimes? And then, I wondered about the legacy being propagated by the media, social, and ourselves? #betterlife #amwriting #creating #imagination #changetheworld

Grit for Writers

It takes grit. Grit is the stamina you have to summon to keep going. To finish college or finish writing books, it takes effort day in and day out to finish. Books don’t write themselves.

What Will Your Story Be in 2018?

The new year, 2018, stands before each of us like an open book of empty chapters waiting to be filled. What will you write for your life story this year?

Perfect Circle

Day 7 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Day 7 – Day Seven of the Seven-Day Black and White Photos of My Life – It was a beautiful experience finding such beauty and seeing the images from others in the journey. Alas, it has ended.


Day 6 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Not many, but some people sew still. I never graduated up to using a sewing machine, but when I do get an idea, I will sew the entire thing by hand –usually costumes. #sewing #handmade #art #oneofakind

Handmade Fall Wreath

Day 4 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Black and white photographs are striking and revealing. It is easier to see structures, contours, textures, positions, and shadows undeterred by color. #writing #writingnonfiction #sevendayssevenphotos

Painting by Suzanna Reeves

Day 3 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Painting is an art form that I came to later in life. It has an ease and serenity to that is soul filling. My 7-Day Black and White photo is one section of the array of brushes I’ve acquired. #art #artist #bard #visualart