[ Creative Power ]

“A clear horizon [with] nothing to worry about on your plate [and] only things that are creative and not destructive.  That’s within yourself. Within me, I can’t bear quarreling. I can’t bear feelings between people—I think hatred is wasted ENERGY.” Alfred Hitchcock, a definition of happiness.

I’ve written about this before (here): energy is energy. Creation is a form of energy, and we have a choice in how we spend it. We can spend it creating, building, or singing something, or we can spend it by wasting our time, being resentful, or overcome with fear. You can build something or you can destroy something. The path to success is paved by forward momentum and perseverance and not by negativity and fear. Be it writing or playing the piano, the act of creation yields power in its completion.


I choose to build many wonderful things.

Join me in making the choice to build, create, and inspire others.