DIY Mirror Framing Results

Rigoli & I bought a new home a few months ago. Buying a home in new construction can be exhausting because of all the choices (flooring, cabinets, exteriors, showers…) you have to make without going over budget. All those changes can add up fast!  I don’t remember seeing mirror choices on the list and having looked through photos of homes for sale in our area, they are all plain. That seemed odd to me.

Now that we own a home, I was tired of the “rental” mirror look; so, went to Youtube to learn all about framing mirrors without owning a saw. I came up with a design, bought the molding at Lowe’s, found spray to match my cabinets, and in less than a week (due to drying times) our master bath mirror and guest bath feel like masterpieces. I can’t believe the difference this simple addition makes.

Infinite Creativity FTW. ☺️