I Finished My Novel Draft, Now What?

You finished your novel draft [ Plan A ], and then lost momentum. So, now what?

Answers to this are individual and mostly based on your ability to prioritize and finish goals. So, if you haven’t set the next realistic goals for your writing [ Plans B-Z ], then those would be the next steps. Be at peace with setting attainable goals that can be reached over time.


When my coauthor and I started out, we had lofty goals that turned out to be unrealistic for where we were in the writer journey. That’s the key: it is a journey. Along the way the writer learns the art of how to tell a story; how to keep writing even when life’s struggles happen; how to prepare for the long term; and how to become a business entrepreneur. It sounds werid to say, but the journey toward being a successful author isn’t just about the writing.

Just like the hero in the Hero’s Journey, the writer goes on an adventure, is victorious in a decisive crisis, reaches a goal, and is transformed, writing lots of books that readers can find and enjoy. 😊