If You Write…

If you write, you’re a writer. It’s that simple. But if you’re waiting to write, or dreaming of writing, then you’re a waiter or a dreamer. You have to do it.

I’ve seen heated debates over whether a person is a “REAL writer.” What-the-heck is a REAL writer? Does that mean that sometimes you’re faerie-vampire-werewolf writer and other times you’re YOU? 

Wait, I get it. You’re only a REAL writer if you make 100k off your books, have excellent grammar, and personally know Stephen King. Where do we draw the line where “fake” and “real” writing begins? Who is going to sit and judge?

OWN what you’re doing. It’s not up to an arbitrary group somewhere-out-there to define what art or an artist is and isn’t.

Yep, writing is art. Write on!