Inspired by Art

Ever get inspired by art?

As writers, Rigoli and I were inspired by artist Anna & the Willow (UK), who makes natural sculptures from grasses and willows. To us, these works are somewhat haunting. So, I (Reeves) created a mockup (the image here), by taking the archer sculpture and placing it an autumn forest and ruined building background. Something similar to this scene takes place in one of our books.

I haven’t shared about our writing projects, yet, because I’m (Reeves) working on reviewing Book 3, “Fade to Black” before I send it to our editor. But I did want to share our goals and how excited we are to finally have the direction for the complete 6 -book series. Book 3 stars our writing groups’ favorite character, Sean. Ever read a character that seems to have gravity about them? That’s Sean… he’s dark, romantic, mysterious, and conflicted, but also must deal with life and death situations throughout the series.