Is Inspiration Necessary to Construct Story?

As a writer, do you think inspiration is necessary in order to construct a story?

I love this question as it has two distinct parts: inspiration and construction.

First, is the concept of inspiration. Everything created was first an intangible idea before becoming something someone can hold in their hands. Such ideas derive from a spark of thought, an inspiration. “Inspiration” means that burst of brilliance, creativity, or mental catalyst to go do, creative, or build something. So, when drafting a story, the author first needs a spark of an idea for a potential story. Many authors have said that they get their ideas while out doing something else (other than writing) like jogging, walking, driving, or in J.K. Rowling’s case when riding a train.

Second, is the concept of construction. Once the inspiration muses give an idea to the writer, that is when the real work begins. “Construction” means to build something using the daily physical labor necessary to bring it to completion.

Lastly, a question to ask the writer is if they are willing to do the necessary work (sometimes grueling) to bring that idea to fruition.

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