Leaving Better Legacies

Thoughts About the Legacies We Leave

Leaving Better Legacies for the World Through Creativity and Artistry

Before landing in music, I took art in school for a while. Before that, I spent time with my grandmother, artist Grace Bilger, who showed me how to draw eyes. Eyes have always fascinated me. They are often called “the windows of the soul” and just as often, I see inside them. At one point, I considered writing and illustrating a children’s book that focused on eyes.

The original plan was to introduce pages of eyes from small to large. Then on the very last page–instead of another drawing–have a reflective, mirror-like page. The reader could examine their eyes to see how beautiful they are like those in the book.

Though I did not finish the book, the sentiment of helping others towards something better through artistry remains a part of my core. It is my legacy.

A legacy is something left behind for family, friends, students, or colleagues. It can be tangible or a manner of living, like a tradition. This “manner of living” makes me wonder about the legacy passed on to someone who commits heinous crimes. I wonder about the legacy propagated by media, social sites, and commentaries. I wonder about stirring up anger and lies. And then, I wonder what any of us sees on the last reflective, mirror-like page.

Life is way too short not to be doing what we’re supposed to be doing. Life is fleeting. Each new day is a renewed chance to make changes for the better and increase opportunities to leave positive legacies. We should try to express and relate in encouraging, creative, and affirming ways, and fill our time with lasting value and meaning. We should propagate eloquence and beauty, not lies, chaos, and destruction.

Author Paul Coelho, “Life is too short, or too long, for me to allow myself the luxury of living it badly.”

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