Love-Hate for Planners

📒 Planners.

In truth, I have a love-hate relationship with them, having thrown away four planners this year because they sucked. On a whim, I bought a Mead 9 x 11 Weekly/Monthly Planner that lasts until December 2022. “Yeah, but a school student planner?” You may ask but let me explain.


A few years ago, my daughter gave me a beautiful Erin Condren planner for Christmas. Oh, it was amazing with its fancy tabs and many wonderful pages on which to write everything. With excitement over it, I bought additional colorful pens and extra stickers to do all the things! I stickered, crafted, and sketched the crud out of the entire book. While it was beautiful and artsy (I kept it for this reason) I think I spent more time “arting” it than DOING the goals.

Fast forward to this November and to finding the simple Mead planner. (It’s from Walmart. There I said it.) Other than the thick plastic cover and coated double-wire binding, it has full calendars (that start on Sunday, thank you) that I can open and lay flat on my home and office desks when necessary. The size of the daily/week pages has room enough to write and check off when completed. When an item isn’t completed that day, it’s moved to the top of the next day. I drew a line down the middle of the page to keep my writing/publishing goals separate from the duties of my new part-time position. No more fancy colors or pens, just one great mechanical pencil listing activities, goals, and completions.

⭐ For me, it’s been about production. I started using itlate November, and it’s been working great for me! ⭐

Decide what it is you want, write it down, review it constantly, and each day do something that moves you toward those goals. –  Jack Canfield, Author