Suzanna Reeves & the Creative Life

A dreamer and creative soul, I express my inner world through music, art, and writing.

I’ve made a space that pays tribute to my various creative passions such as writing, painting, and music. I am grateful for the entire second floor landing for my space.

Over the years, I have been a musician and artist and never thought that I would be a writer. But I love it. I married someone who has an extraordinary gift for writing. He can create the most wonderful scenarios, dialogue, and characters. Through him, I am reminded of my own imagined daydreams and stories. We do all that together now, so I became half of the writing team of Rigoli & Reeves.

This site is about the journey toward a professional career as a writer and about keeping life fun, artistic, and creative.


If you love contemporary fiction about magic and dragons, you can find us and our Scale of Elements book series at Rigoli & Reeves Authors.

Thank you for joining.