Standing Stones in Texas

It’s weird how information so available now wasn’t years back. Without searchable information, some things became relegated to the status of a mystery. Without answers, the unknown became the substance of wonder, part of stories, songs, poetry, and more for me.

Years ago, on a random road trip to visit the Dallas area from my home in San Antonio, my ex and I stopped in Arlington. Visible from the highway were huge standing stones scattered around a natural area, a park. Of course, I had to see them. In the middle of a park with flowing fountains and waterways, monumental Celtic-looking stones circled the place in seeming random spots. Some had runes and designs, some were hewn, and some were taller than a building.  I think I may have found up to 10 of the large stones. Later, I found out there were 22! At the time, not much information was available about what they were or how they came to be there. Wandering among them, and left to my imagination, they were whimsical and magical.

Later on, I remembered my visit and tried to find out more about them (because no one I knew had any idea what I was talking about when I referred to them). It wasn’t until more recently that information was made available. It turns out that the 22 stones were designed and placed by an artist, but the installation had been removed in 1997. Thankfully, in 2009, the stones were reinstalled in north Arlington at Richard Greene Linear Park.

I hope everyone has the chance to walk and sit among them. As it is an inspirational place to spark creativity, wonder, and story.

For more information Caelum Moor, Arlington, TX.

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