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Writers, we are warriors.

Maybe the Muses demand a price for artistic glory. Perhaps the challenges we face and the obstacles to overcome in the journey to create and get works out is not for the faint.

Using Art in Journals

Writing journals here and there since high school, many of them are filled with songs, lyrics, drawings, pasted collages, ponderings, and more. …

Becoming a Writer

I never imagined that I would be doing this: writing. “Writing” was never on my radar. All that happens is the desire to tell good stories or say something important. The rest happens due to sheer grit, time, and passion.#amwriting #writingfiction #writingfantasy #writingnonfiction #writerlife

Flawed Characters = Good

When you stop expecting your characters to be perfect, your readers will like them more for WHO they are. A case for flawed characters. #amwriting #writingfiction.

“Real” Writing?

Writing for academics instead of “real” writing– Is it a bad thing? Is it making you behind your goals? #amwriting #writingmotivation #writingtips #writingnonfiction

Grit for Writers

It takes grit. Grit is the stamina you have to summon to keep going. To finish college or finish writing books, it takes effort day in and day out to finish. Books don’t write themselves.

Editing Tips: Have it Read Aloud

Editing Tip: Have Your “Edited” Draft Read Aloud to You. Finding the errors in your novel is the reason having other members of a writing group read your manuscript aloud works!

Finding Time

Finding time to write and run an author business is hard. However, organizing tasks by specific days of the week seems to work…