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Let Imagination Live

Our imaginations and the ability to create is a part of us. Taking an idea, thought, or story from the mind and putting it into media that others can see, feel, or hear is an act of creation. Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, said… [ Read More ]


Day 6 – 7-Day Black and White Photography

Not many, but some people sew still. I never graduated up to using a sewing machine, but when I do get an idea, I will sew the entire thing by hand –usually costumes. #sewing #handmade #art #oneofakind

[ Art ] From Sketch to Paint

Before I started painting, I’d sketch with any writing instrument such as pencils, highlighters, and ballpoint pens. I guess writing never seemed far away from any of my other art forms. 🙂

Art Space

The magic of my art happens with my grandmother’s brushes, the ones that had belonged to mid-west artist, Grace Reeve-Bilger