Using Art in Journals

Writing journals here and there since high school, many of them are filled with songs, lyrics, drawings, pasted collages, ponderings, and more. The blank pages call out, desiring color, ideas, and contemplations. Later,being able to flip through the pages full of words and design, I revel in the kaleidoscope of books that are of various stages of my life.

A handmade leather journal with natural fiber pages lived on a shelf behind the desk; a gift, not yet used. It sat empty because it was “too nice” and “what is special enough to write inside”? Such a gorgeous journal should hold things of wonder.

The assignment was to write twenty or so words that meant happiness to me. Glancing at the shelf, the leather tomb came into view. I love drawing and writing in journals. Even more, I love when their full, so I can flip through the pages and be greeted by colorful images, important musings,and and poetry. I realized, it was the full journal that is wonder—and wonderful

Beautiful handmade journal, it’s your turn.