Writers Who Ride

Writers and other creatives on two wheels, I finished painting my helmet! It’s a bright, impressionistic forest that is visible …everywhere. Lol😂

Rigoli and I rode our motorcycles feeling the wind in our faces, enjoying the sunshine and the scenery. This was our #artistdate assignment from our writers’ group. 🏍️I never knew that I would be a motorcycle rider, but I see the appeal now. It is a freeing experience to be riding out in the open air, speeding along the lake and forest rodes.

Later in the afternoon, we stopped by our favorite local restaurant, ate, and worked on our books. I read aloud several chapters that I’ve finished, and Rigoli, my coauthor,  was happy with them. 📚  Brainstorming session later, it looks like we’re ready to move forward with the whole series and extended series.