Writing and Creating Take Determination

No one starts out writing great stuff; we all start out writing crap. However, over time we get better and know more about writing than we did when we started. Determination is everything.

© 2021 Suzanna Reeves

I went to college, surely, I could write books. Right? Let’s just say that the fundamentals of grammar and English from school is not equal to the elements of telling a story. The learning curve was so big for me it could have circled the moon. But I stuck with it, even when I embarrassed myself in my writer’s critique group or when putting a book out too soon. I learned every. Step. Of. The. Way. You will too!

As we grow as artists (that’s what writing is, an art), the muse will offer us more. Our job is to do the best we can to take those idea sparks and make something out of them, and to do so with the best of our ability. Determination means we don’t let fear, embarrassment, or idleness win. We take what the muse bequeaths and run with it.

Pictured is our Lily the Beagle.